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What is advocacy? Advocacy is when you plead for, support, or recommend ideas, activities or persons. The act is usually related to political systems/themes and judicial affairs. It also involves the hard work of putting yourself out there on a limb for the benefit of someone else. It’s an act of courage. It’s sometimes even an act of defiance to combat a status quo. For every promotion, new assignment, or “leveling-up” in your life, there was someone advocating to your benefit. Often times that advocate was you helping yourself, but for the very special moments, when getting access to the major leagues, the knowledge keepers, the privilege holders -- someone was likely in a room, that you weren’t in, singing your praises.

Think about the people coming up the ladder behind you. How can you pay-it-forward, lead, and champion them into their next chapter of success? We don’t grow in isolation and we certainly can’t sustain success without help. Be the help that someone needs now and the universe will reciprocate.

-Tiff Y.

About the author: Tiffany Yarde is a vibrant human with opinions about humanity, economics, upward mobility, and good wine. Learn more about her.

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