• Tiffany Yarde

Protect your time like you would your cellphone (even with a case).

Time: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole || What a time to be alive... there’s a thing called “Trump Anxiety Syndrome” ; young people around the world are joining politics, whether it’s students in the U.S. suing the government, or students in Bangladesh being shot down for protesting for safer roads that won’t cost more lives; conversations on education and access to wealth is reaching a fever pitch; and it’s only Sunday? Time is the greatest barter/currency/asset we have and it stops for no one. Instead of worrying about trivial things this week, I challenge us all to #levelUp and keep the big picture in mind. It may be National Oyster Day and tomorrow some other reason to spend a dollar doing something fancy for social media likes, but while we’re posting our highlight reels, let’s make a plan to rock this week (an unplugged staycation, game night with the kids, hacking away at a business plan, putting in a few extra hours to get the results we want... etc). Guard your time, use your time, and don’t let anyone guilt you for the sacrifices you make with your “free” time. I promise you it isn't free anyway.

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