• Tiffany Yarde

How to Wine With Your Boss...

Fourteen years of working in highly competitive international corporations will teach you a lot about relationships, politics, and the "natural order" of things. There's no one way to the top of a respective field but there are tactics that many people employ to build trust and to make sure their hard work doesn't go unnoticed. How to Wine With Your Boss teaches you about positioning, tact, and how to tool your passions.

As you know, wine is my story. For much of my career in accounting, marketing, and human resources, I used wine knowledge to connect with people. In How to Wine With Your Boss, readers are taken through my journey of how I built relationships with colleagues who didn't come from where I came from or necessarily saw the world the way I did. I give readers an opportunity to build professional development skills while demystifying wine enthusiasm and potentially helping readers gain a new curiosity on the subject. As I've been taught, people don't grow in isolation; they grow in community, so join me on this wine trip through grape regions, styles, and wine parties. While on the road, I'll share the bumps I hit, and the resilience I fostered along the way.

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