• Tiffany Yarde

Making a Career in Wine

What does a winemaker do?

Winemakers have the painstaking role of managing the vine to wine process. This means from the grape-growing to the fermentation and bottling process, a winemaker is in charge of the fragile and arduous work of getting a quality wine made. Grape choice matters, the day grapes are picked from the vine matters, the vessel that is chosen to store the grape matters, and the method chosen to convert sugar into alcohol matters. Winemakers spend years studying and working in wineries to perfect their skills.

What other vineyard jobs are there?

It takes a team of people to get wines ready for sale. Those teams that work for the winemaker include cellar masters, assistants, and lab managers. Beyond roles focused on making the product, there are sales teams who work daily to get bottles on store shelves for your enjoyment. Wine sales teams include, sales managers, reps, public relations specialists, and winery tasting room staff.

Outside of the vineyard, how do folks make money in the industry?

There are many ways to break into the space and those roles include becoming a wine writer or critic, educator, competitive judge or taster, social media influencer or brand ambassador. Technology related to enhancing the efficiency of the winemaking process and/or bottling process is also a lucrative and highly specialized space to consider.

Interested in learning more? Here are some cool links related to wine jobs and how to get started.


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