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Cardi B came to walk in her purpose and I'm here for it!

Cardi B did it again! From growing up in the Bronx to her arrival as a premier MC and lyricist, Cardi B represents sectors of present-day culture that should not be silenced or ignored. This weekend I relaxed with friends and listened to her new album titled Invasion of Privacy. In her tracks I heard the pain and disappointments she's faced, but I mostly heard her relentless resilience, creativity, ambition, ability to conquer her fears, and the love for her tribe.

Each song has a vibe and I couldn’t help but think of the wines I’ll be drinking with the songs I love the most. I have a few tasty recommendations to go with my fave tracks below, including the bottles my tribe ran through this weekend!

1. Get Up 10

Gem: Authenticity

Perfect sip: Pinotage because it’s a grape with an interesting history from a place with powerful stories. (here & here). Also try a little-known grape called Symphony from one of my favorite black-owned wineries (here).

I started speaking my mind and tripled my views

Ain't no runnin' up on me, went from nothin' to glory

I ain't tellin' y'all to do it, I'm just tellin' my story

Man, I said we gon' win

Knock me down nine times but I get up ten

2. Drip (feat. Migos) & Money Bag

Gem: Where your crown unapologetically

Perfect sip: Rosé Sparkling Wine because this summer it’s all about feeling fabulous and celebrating your tribe, who you are, and where you’re from. (here & here)


I've been that b**** since pajamas with footies

Won MVP, and I'm still a rookie, like woo

Ride through your hood like "B****, I'm the mayor!"

Came through drippin' (drip drip)

Diamonds on my wrist, they drippin'

Money Bag-

And my b****s with me pretty, too, they look like bridesmaids

And they all bloody gang so don't be talkin' sideways

3. Be Careful

Gem: Take stock, don’t be afraid to feel or minimize what you’re going through, and cut ties from toxic situations for your sanity

Perfect sip: Cabernet Sauvignon because when it’s heavy on your heart it should be heavy in your glass (here, here or splurge here)

Man, I thought you would've learned your lesson

'Bout likin' pictures, not returnin' texts

I guess it's fine, man, I get the message

You still stutter after certain questions

And karma for you is gon' be who you end up with

Be careful with me, do you know what you doin'?

Whose feelings that you're hurtin' and bruisin'?

You even got me trippin', you got me lookin' in the mirror different

Thinkin' I'm flawed because you inconsistent

4. Best Life (feat. Chance the Rapper)

Gem: Tell your story because you’ll never know who’ll you inspire with your journey

Perfect Sip: Champagne because you’re living your best life and the magnum sizes of bubbly takes every occasion to the next level. (here, here, here, and especially here)

I said I never had a problem showin' y'all the real me

Way-before-the-deal me, strip-to-pay-the-bills me

But never did I change, never been ashamed

Never did I switch, story stayed the same

I did this on my own, I made this a lane

5. I Like It

Gem: When you work hard for what you have, there’s no shame in flossing it from time to time

Perfect Sip: Chardonnay because you can drink it in as many styles as there ways to make a dollar. (here & here // Tiff Tip: drink these two at the same time to notice the wild differences in flavor!)

I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance

Hotter than a Somali, fur coat, Ferrari

Mis tenis Balenciaga, me reciben en la entrada

Pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi, like I'm Lady Gaga

Yo soy el que se la vive y también el que la goza

Es la cosa, mami es la cosa

El que mira sufre y el que toca goza

(I am the one who lives it and also the one who enjoys it; it's the thing, Mommy is the thing; the one who looks suffers and the one who touches enjoys)

6. Ring (feat. Kehlani)

Gem: It’s ok to miss the ones you love. Better yet, tell them

Perfect Sip: Syrah because the rollercoaster between sweet and spicy sounds a lot like the journey of love (here, here & here)

You gon' be sick to your, stomach

Hit me when you free, 1-800

It's emergency, call me 911

Cause right now I'm out here tryna find someone

The ring on my phone, ring on my finger

You actin' like you ain't tryna do either

What's a good girl? Watch me turn diva

Here goes my heart, I put it on speaker

7.Thru Your Phone

Gem: We’ve all been there

Perfect Sip: Pinot Noir because it isn’t called the heartbreak grape for nothing… (here & here)

I don't wanna hear 'bout invasion of privacy

I had a feeling, it turns out you lie to me

I'm holdin' back everything that's inside of me

This shit is eatin' me, you sleepin' peacefully

8. I Do (feat. SZA)

Gem: You’re limitless, stay focused and let folks know they can either get on board or get out of the way…

Perfect Sip: Rosé all day because drinking fancy isn’t limited to special occasions (here & here)

Look, broke ho*s do what they can

Good girls do what they told

Bad b**** do what they want

I say what I want, I ain't never been timid

"fake wine geek" tee (www.winepartyshop.com

*Photo: Fun times in the tasting suite w/ the Motovino crew jamming to the new Cardi B album*

With over 20+ wines to choose from, there will be no shortage of ideas for your next event!

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