• Tiffany Yarde

Surviving Q2

It’s spring... which means galas and networking events are going to kick into high gear soon. Q2 sales goals and project deadlines will soon consume your days as businesses use this time to ramp up projects ahead of the summer slow down months.

For many of us, surviving this period requires strong resource management with an eye set to one main resource: time. It’s your greatest gift (both to yourself and others), so remember, in addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, book your own down time from now. Book the spa day, say no to the events that you know aren’t going to be enjoyable, and carve out at least 5 hours a week on your passion projects. Why not start that audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to? Incorporate exercise and 15 minutes of quiet reflection into your daily routine. Sound minds make for clarity of thought and for impactful behaviors. You’ve got some heavy lifting coming and that’s ok! Work hard and play hard. 

As I gear up to start level 3 wine training within the WSET program, I’m already thinking about how I’ll juggle the needs of my clients and the consulting projects I've lined up this year. The name of the game will be how quickly I can add value to my commitments without sacrificing quality. 

A few tips that work for me: 1) make my accessibility consistent and at specific times of the day; 2) answer emails timely leaving less pressing matters for early in the morning or late at night; 3) use of a wall calendar to track big picture commitments and a smaller planner for the day-to-day.

On to the wine—

I’ve been into wine for a long time. It’s my story. It’s the very thing that helped propel my career all these years by connecting me to ppl who didn’t look like me or come from where I come from. 

Today, I can't sing enough praises for the 2015 Dominio Basconcillos (DB). DB winery was born in 2000 by founder, José María Basconcillos’  who has a profound love for the world of wine and he has successfully conveyed his enthusiasm to his daughters María Jose and Carmen. This wine is made with Tempranillo grapes. It has a beautiful dark red hue with a bouquet of red fruit and toasty vibes on the nose. 


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