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Bouncing Back...

The pressure to get ahead and stay there can be overwhelming. Every step forward can feel like a triumph and every set back can feel like the wind was snatched from our sails. To strike a healthy balance, bounce back, and not burn out, focus on improvement when goals and opportunities seem just out of reach.

Preparation and self-care is the greatest advantage you can give yourself when navigating the complexities of life. Some things are designed to happen by serendipity. Other things are meant to teach a lesson and help us grow. Either way, we humans have a knack for magnifying the hurt from our losses, so perspective and patience becomes even more important to keep our heads on straight. Do your best to catch up on that book you've been meaning to get to, or that trip you put off. Perhaps it's as simple as getting back into a 7-hour sleep pattern and refocusing your energies on the skills you need to refresh for a certain project.

Bouncing back sharpens your character. Take the time you need to heal but get back in the journey and use the period to refresh, feed your curiosity, and innovate.


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