• Tiffany Yarde

Don't Lose Your Focus

Procrastination becomes a huge issue when there are tons of important things to get done. We all experience it, but finding ways to minimize the triggers of procrastination is a necessary skill to have when you need to push through and hit your Q4 goals. Here are a few things to consider:

Distractions are everywhere.

Whether it’s the dishes still in the sink or the dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, you still have to get those reports done by Monday. Leave the house, find a coffee shop, and get to work. Thinking you can get more done at home is cool if you actually get more things done at home. For the rest of us that get easily distracted with stuff to do around the house, going to space where you can get dressed and focused, can do wonders when it’s crunch time.

The “putting-things-off attitude” is contagious.

After a fun night of drinking and catching up with friends, you retreat home just to wake up with a text asking if you’re ready to do it all over again. If you’re strong enough to simply say “no”, do so quickly so you don’t have to think about it again later. However, if you’re like the rest of us and easily succumb to peer pressures, especially after a tough work week, you’re better off putting your phone on airplane mode, taking a shower, making a cup of coffee, and get your weekend work started. Balance is everything. As much as you need to relax, when it’s time to buckle down, you must create healthy boundaries with friends and family. Depending on the situation, they can inadvertently rob you of the valuable time you need to focus. Or worse, make you rationalize why you’re putting off the important stuff because they are too.

Get out of your own head.

You not wanting to do “it” is exactly why you’re procrastinating. Whether it’s fear, not understanding the purpose, or perfecting the thing, you subconsciously welcome the distractions and often seek them out. Figure out why you’re holding back. If the project lacks purpose, rethink if you should be a part of it. If you’re scared or have concerns on what you’re working on, talk to someone or get an extra hand to help out. When you don’t take any of these steps you can end up confused and defeated long before you get started.

Remember, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of constantly putting things off to the last minute or not getting to things at all. These missed opportunities can only add stress and anxiety to your already hectic life. Take control, find a space that promotes clarity and focus, separate yourself from people who have the power to pull you away from your tasks, and silence your inner-voice if it has nothing encouraging to say.

On to the wine…

A note on Gewurztraminer –

I’m in love with lychee and this gorgeous wine has so much of these aromas to offer. The wine pictured below has roses and apricots on the nose too with a clear, fresh and aromatic bouquet of spicy and mineral flavors as well. Stunningly piquant and fresh on the palate, this is a very lush and elegant Gewurz with a nice tannin grip. It tastes more lush and fruity than sweet. Domaine Weinbach is located at the foot of the majestic Schlossberg hill in Alsace, France. The vineyard is run by Catherine Faller and her son, Théo. It was established by the Order of Capuchin monks in 1612. Some of the labels in this vineyard’s portfolio are named after Catherine’s son.

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