"The Fear of the Unknown Can Sometimes Blind You From Seeing Your Growth Potential. I'm Happy To Be Your Guide." - Tiffany Yarde


We all need one. From first impressions to networking with intention, it helps to have a career mentor in your corner to better your odds of success.

Job Hunter Essentials

- Career Strategy / Job Search Plans

- Job Skills Audit / Research

- Resume Drafting and Editing

- Networking Skills Training

Interview Prep

- Interview Guidance

- Company Research

- Mock Interview Meetings

- Salary Negotiation / Offer Evaluation


Turn your experience into captivating stories. Communicate your value-add with power and authority.


What is your digital footprint? Does your appearance reflect your accomplishments?

Personal Branding

- LinkedIn Profile Creation / Audit / Improvements

- Personal Brand Assessment

- Head shots and Styling Referrals / Services