If you don't write it down, it doesn't count.


Strong enterprise business plans can make or break your investor prospects or business loan applications. It's the  road map that helps you stay focused on your destination even when you may need to pivot or recalculate your methodologies. We help companies prepare compelling plans. We also create brand capability statements for our clients. These one-sheet high level snapshot reports are a jazzy business plan alternative that's punchy, descriptive and great for courting angel investors or networking with other types of business professionals. For both mediums, here are the 7 areas that make up a solid plan and how we can help.


The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and business descriptions quickly describe what you do and how it brings value. This is a snapshot that can be repurposed for all types of introductions.


PRODUCTS. What makes your product or service unique? What problems do your offerings solve? What are the features and benefits? Answer these questions and more right here.  


MARKETING. The marketing strategy demonstrates how you will connect with your customers and identifies how you will approach revenue opportunities. 


INDUSTRY ANALYSIS. Competitive and SWOT intelligence in the industry you're taking on will help you identify and analyze the competition while articulating your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


PEOPLE/TALENT/TEAM. Define how you're going to execute by describing the talent/people you need, and illustrating the systems that will make your company productive.  This all goes into your operations section.


FINANCE. The lifeblood of your business plan is in the financials. The extra time you spend here on projections will repay you a hundred fold. What will break-even look like? How much will it take to get you up and running? What's your burn rate? When will you turn a profit? What are your COGS? Taking the time to create pro forma (projected) statements will help you determine your company's viability and potential success.


GOALS. Roadmap your milestones in this section. What dates do you expect to reach your sales goals? How much time do you need to turn a profit? Is the end goal to prepare for a sale? Will growth no longer be a driver after a certain milestone? Lay that ground work here.