Tiffany Yarde

Harness the power of relationships...

I'm a business coach and motivational speaker. I'm the founder of a beverage company start up and of Motovino, a NYC-Certified M/WBE professional development company that teaches you how to work smarter and gain allies in the arenas that matter to you most. My programs and talks support professionals interested in gaining a competitive edge in their careers and taking control of their upward mobility. I've spent 14 years navigating Corporate America in accounting, operations, marketing and business development roles for global organizations. Ten of those years were focused in the legal sector and 4 of those years focused in Diversity & Inclusion. 

I'm committed to helping professionals obtain personal growth and a satisfying lifestyle. I turned my experiences into a toolkit that helps people develop leadership skills and learn to cultivate trust from their peers or customers. 


You could say wine and cannabis is my thing... So much so that I'm member of the Society of Wine Educators, Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, Minority Cannabis Business Association, and a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certificate holder. 

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be." - Marianne Williamson

Popular Motivational Talks

Navigating Corporate Culture. There’s no one way to the top of your field, so through Tiffany’s lens, discover tactics that you can employ to build trust and ensure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Reinventing Yourself. Opportunity is often in plain sight if we’re brave enough to see it. Here how Tiffany changed career paths without leaving her organization and even when she did transition to entrepreneurship, how she knew it was the right time.

The Future is Female/Colorful. When more women work, economies grow. Today, women hold a record number of elected offices. Minorities account for 46% of all women-owned businesses. Hear how to leverage the challenges and opportunities that women and people of color uniquely face. 

The Art of the Argument. You don’t have to be a lawyer to present good evidence and persuade others to see the world from your point of view. Learn how to unlock some of your best talents while meeting your opposition head-on.

Leading with Passion. Whether you’re in charge of teams at work or a growing family at home, someone’s always looking to you for guidance and direction. Learn how to inspire those around you to dig-deep and contribute the best versions of themselves to your vision every day.

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Phil Cox, Principal

"We had people at the end of their careers and people at the beginning of their careers...all levels in the room, and they were equally engaged. Tiffany can read a room incredibly well. She knows what people need and is always asking questions. She's very professional, and is essentially real, relatable and highly engaging. 

If you're thinking about hiring Tiffany for your next speaking gig, then I would say don't think twice about it. Please do it and enjoy the experience." 


Phil Cox, Founder & Principal, DarbyCox

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Bill Rader,

Forbest Columnist

“Business can be a great equalizer if properly executed. Tiffany found her equalizer, wine, and it has allowed her to greatly broaden her horizons. She learned early on that having an expert knowledge of wine is her great equalizer. 
She shares not only her motivation, experience and results but gives the reader the tools to duplicate her success. Her mixing of teaching about wine coupled with professional relationship management will help any person entering the work force, or looking to advance, a measured hand up. The book has nice flow and her writing is clear and compelling."


- Bill Rader / Forbes Columnist and Author of The Venn Effect

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Camillia Cudjoe, 

Stylist & Owner

My staff’s [of 9] communication and tardiness improved exponentially. After having Tiffany host three communication and personal branding workshops, my team is back on the right path to giving superior customer service to our patrons.


- Camillia Cudjoe, CEO Youceeme Glam Studio