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"I love cultivating community. I love building things. I love wine  and cannabis. I love helping people forge their own path toward success."

I'm passionate about cultivating community and building things. I created Motovino to be a business solution for  people trying to break into their dream careers and for budding entrepreneurs trying to make their dreams a reality.


I've spent 14 years building things that help bridge the gap between me and people who didn't share my worldview. Those same people eventually became allies that positioned me for the opportunity to launch offices in overseas markets and to drive social media strategies and business development for over 80 executives of international companies. I've managed growth initiatives, product launches, staff development training programs, diversity and inclusion efforts, job design, and firm-wide brand strategy for several law firms, startups, and service professionals.


It's been one heck of a ride.

I want to share my tools for success with you. I want to help you see the forest through the trees.

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Phil Cox, Principal

Tiffany can read a room incredibly well. She knows what people need and is always asking questions. She's very professional, and is essentially real, relatable and highly engaging. 

Phil Cox, Founder & Principal, DarbyCox

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Stephen Mortley, Sports Agent

Tiffany knows business development. Her [entrepreneur] strategy seminar helped my business increase leads by 60% within a month of implementing her strategies.

- Stephen Mortley, CEO, Anchor Sports Group

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Camillia Cudjoe Stylist & Owner

My staff’s [of 9] communication and tardiness improved exponentially. After having Tiffany host three communication and personal branding workshops, my team is back on the right path to giving superior customer service to our patrons.

Camillia Cudjoe, CEO Youceeme Glam Studio

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Bill Rader,

Forbest Columnist

Her mixing of teaching about wine coupled with professional relationship management will help any person entering the work force, or looking to advance, a measured hand up. The book has nice flow and her writing is clear and compelling."
- Bill Rader / Forbes Columnist and Author of The Venn Effect

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Shaina Lampkins,


Tiffany’s personal branding workshop was wonderful and challenging. Plenty of takeaways that I can apply at work immediately.

- Shaina Lampkins, Specialist, Social Security Administration




There is a growing class of people who want to learn how to break into the privileged inner circles that exist in their companies and social networks.  They recognize that those “circles” are the ones that get them promoted, chosen for the special projects, and exposed to stellar mentoring.  There is also a growing group of new age thinkers challenging the status quo, so they’re looking to create their own powerful spheres of influence to accomplish dynamic things in their communities.


On the road to discovery many get stumped on questions like: how do I break into executive circles? how do I get invited to important events? And how to I do stay "in-the-know"?  I have spent a decade breaking those answers down into teachable and replicable steps for the clients I serve and want the opportunity to do the same for you!

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Motovino is a consultancy that enables adults to break barriers to successful careers through relationship management and other professional development trainings. 


Our unique approach not only teaches our clients business skills, but also fundamental lessons in the art of wine.  By coupling these concepts together, we introduce the tools they need to break the ice and build influential relationships with people and organizations that can champion their accomplishments and serve as catalysts for their success. 

I'm Tiffany Yarde, a seasoned instructor in the art of “developing customer trust and lasting impressions” for sales people and other professional service providers.  The strategies that I've executed over a decade, specifically in business development, have taught me what it takes to consistently repeat the process of turning strangers into allies.

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Wine was my vehicle of choice to introduce business concepts in a fresh way.  Wine is more than a beverage, it is a wonderful education that transcends barriers to relationship building and is an awesome subject to employ in conversation.


Similar to when you’re talking sports at the water cooler, or fine arts and specialty food with friends, wine is yet another way to create common ground with new people.  It’s a lot easier to sell yourself and build relationships when you've got passions outside of your work load.  Motovino teaches you to tool any number of your passions into a way that breaks the ice with the very people you want to leave a lasting impression with. 


Our workshops are anything but boring!  From personal branding to navigating corporate culture,  our workshops challenge best practices and provide you with a safe environment to share ideas that enhance your skills -- one motivational meeting at a time.

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